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CATSCharlotte Area Transit System
CATSCommonwealth Accountability Testing System (Kentucky)
CATSChicago Area Transportation Study
CATSCross-Application Time Sheet
CATSCredit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (UK)
CATSCalifornians Against Telephone Solicitation
CATSComputer Active Technology Suspension (Jaguar)
CATSCertificates of Accrual on Treasury Securities
CATSComputing: the Australasian Theory Symposium
CATSCorrective Action Tracking System
CATSComputer Assisted Testing Service
CATSCheap Access to Space (Space Frontier Foundation)
CATSCentral Area Transmission System (North Sea Oil; UK sector)
CATSCitizens for an Alternative Tax System
CATSComputer-Assisted Trading System
CATSCombined Arms Training Strategy
CATSCanadian American Ticlopidine Study
CATSConsequences Assessment Tool Set (SAIC)
CATSCapital Area Transit System (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
CATSContrast Auto Tracking System (Panasonic)
CATSCanadian American Transportation Systems
CATSComputer-Assisted Training System
CATSComputer Assisted Training System
CATSCharlotte Area Transportation System (North Carolina)
CATSContemporary Asian Theatre Scene (San Jose, CA)
CATSCombined Aerial Target Service (UK MoD)
CATSConsolidated Asset Tracking System
CATSChico Area Transit System (California)
CATSCenter for Applied Thermodynamic Studies
CATSCommodore Amiga Technical Support
CATSConcerned About Teen Sexuality
CATSCampus Area Transportation System (University of Vermont)
CATSConcurrency Analysis Tool Suite
CATSContinuous AutoTransfusion System (blood salvage)
CATSComputer Aided Test System
CATSCounsel Automated Tracking System
CATSCommunity Alliance for Teen Safety
CATSCollisions in Atom Traps
CATSCommunity Awareness and Treatment Services, Inc.
CATSCombat Application Tourniquet System (Phil Durango, LLC; used by US DoD)
CATSCity of Anderson Transportation System (Anderson, IN)
CATSComputer-Aided Training System
CATSCurriculum and Teaching Studies (college department)
CATSCrazy Aged Tyrant Stinks (Kids Next Door show)
CATSCenter for Advanced Television Studies
CATSComputer Automated Test System
CATSCut All to Shreds
CATSChild Abuse Training Services (Michigan)
CATSCommercial Auto Theft Section (police departments)
CATSComputer-Assisted Tracking System
CATSCombined Arms Training Systems
CATSCustomer Access Terminal System
CATSCatalogue Subsystem
CATSCentralized Automatic Test System
CATSCargo Analysis Technology Symposium
CATSComputer Aided Time Standards
CATSCommon Automatic Test System
CATSCost Accounting Tracking System
CATSCaring Adults Teaming for Safety (Estes Park High School, Estes Park, CO)
CATSCarload And Truckload Shipments
CATSCellular Access Telephone System (REDCOM)
CATSCoherent Acoustic Torpedo System
CATSChildren Affected by a Toxic Substance
CATSCollaborative Application Technology Solutions (Department of State)
CATSCitizens Against Trash in Sumter (Florida, USA)
CATSComputer Assisted Transportation System
CATSComet and Tails Science
CATSComputer Assistance and Training Services
CATSCanadian Auxiliary Territorial Services
CATSClub Athletic Training Students
CATSCustomer Activation Tracking System (Sprint)
CATSContained Armament Test Set
CATSCoherent Automated Target Simulator
CATSColcom Access Test System
CATSCombat Airlift Training Squadron
CATSCDMA Automated Test System (WTCOM)
CATSCommon Avionics Test Set
CATSCommon Analysis Tool Set
CATSComputerized Assets Tracking System
CATSConsortium of Audiographic Teleconferencing Standards
CATSCost Analysis Tracking System (Sprint)
CATSCorporate Accounts Transition System
CATSCognitive Avionics Toolset
CATSCalamba Airsoft Tactical Squad (Philippines)
CATSCascade Accounting & Tax Services (Everett, WA)
CATSCompensation Activity Tracking System (software)
CaTSComputing and Telecommunications Services (various schools)
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I like decent cats reasonably well; but I don't like beasties of your complexion.
The only things in the kitchen that did not sneeze, were the cook, and a large cat which was sitting on the hearth and grinning from ear to ear.
I looked round the corner of the table, and perceived the restaurant cat in dignified retreat.
In another moment the lithe and shadowy figures of the cats appeared noiselessly in the red light, answering their mistress's call.
He wasn't like most cats who don't care who comes and goes as long as they get plenty to eat.
On his lips was the soothing, purring sound that the great cats themselves made when contented and happy.
The Cat had no cousin, and had not been asked to be godmother.
He needs a haircut," observed the cat, washing its face.
Never removing its eyes from Cocky, the cat advanced slowly until it paused not six feet away.
The lame Fox leaned on the Cat, and the blind Cat let the Fox lead him along.
The ass and the dog laid themselves down under a great tree, and the cat climbed up into the branches; while the cock, thinking that the higher he sat the safer he should be, flew up to the very top of the tree, and then, according to his custom, before he went to sleep, looked out on all sides of him to see that everything was well.
But this time I was pretty sure of an hour or two to myself; for Matilda was preparing for a long ride, and Rosalie was dressing for a dinner-party at Lady Ashby's: so I took the opportunity of repairing to the widow's cottage, where I found her in some anxiety about her cat, which had been absent all day.