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CATSCharlotte Area Transit System
CATSCommonwealth Accountability Testing System (Kentucky)
CATSChicago Area Transportation Study
CATSCross-Application Time Sheet
CATSCredit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (UK)
CATSCalifornians Against Telephone Solicitation
CATSComputer Active Technology Suspension (Jaguar)
CATSCertificates of Accrual on Treasury Securities
CATSComputing: the Australasian Theory Symposium
CATSCorrective Action Tracking System
CATSComputer Assisted Testing Service
CATSCheap Access to Space (Space Frontier Foundation)
CATSCentral Area Transmission System (North Sea Oil; UK sector)
CATSCitizens for an Alternative Tax System
CATSComputer-Assisted Trading System
CATSCombined Arms Training Strategy
CATSCanadian American Ticlopidine Study
CATSConsequences Assessment Tool Set (SAIC)
CATSCapital Area Transit System (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
CATSContrast Auto Tracking System (Panasonic)
CATSCanadian American Transportation Systems
CATSComputer-Assisted Training System
CATSComputer Assisted Training System
CATSCharlotte Area Transportation System (North Carolina)
CATSContemporary Asian Theatre Scene (San Jose, CA)
CATSCombined Aerial Target Service (UK MoD)
CATSConsolidated Asset Tracking System
CATSChico Area Transit System (California)
CATSCenter for Applied Thermodynamic Studies
CATSCommodore Amiga Technical Support
CATSConcerned About Teen Sexuality
CATSCampus Area Transportation System (University of Vermont)
CATSConcurrency Analysis Tool Suite
CATSContinuous AutoTransfusion System (blood salvage)
CATSComputer Aided Test System
CATSCounsel Automated Tracking System
CATSCommunity Alliance for Teen Safety
CATSCollisions in Atom Traps
CATSCommunity Awareness and Treatment Services, Inc.
CATSCombat Application Tourniquet System (Phil Durango, LLC; used by US DoD)
CATSCity of Anderson Transportation System (Anderson, IN)
CATSComputer-Aided Training System
CATSCurriculum and Teaching Studies (college department)
CATSCrazy Aged Tyrant Stinks (Kids Next Door show)
CATSCenter for Advanced Television Studies
CATSComputer Automated Test System
CATSCut All to Shreds
CATSChild Abuse Training Services (Michigan)
CATSCommercial Auto Theft Section (police departments)
CATSComputer-Assisted Tracking System
CATSCombined Arms Training Systems
CATSCustomer Access Terminal System
CATSCatalogue Subsystem
CATSCentralized Automatic Test System
CATSCargo Analysis Technology Symposium
CATSComputer Aided Time Standards
CATSCommon Automatic Test System
CATSCost Accounting Tracking System
CATSCaring Adults Teaming for Safety (Estes Park High School, Estes Park, CO)
CATSCarload And Truckload Shipments
CATSCellular Access Telephone System (REDCOM)
CATSCoherent Acoustic Torpedo System
CATSChildren Affected by a Toxic Substance
CATSCollaborative Application Technology Solutions (Department of State)
CATSCitizens Against Trash in Sumter (Florida, USA)
CATSComputer Assisted Transportation System
CATSComet and Tails Science
CATSComputer Assistance and Training Services
CATSCanadian Auxiliary Territorial Services
CATSClub Athletic Training Students
CATSCustomer Activation Tracking System (Sprint)
CATSContained Armament Test Set
CATSCoherent Automated Target Simulator
CATSColcom Access Test System
CATSCombat Airlift Training Squadron
CATSCDMA Automated Test System (WTCOM)
CATSCommon Avionics Test Set
CATSCommon Analysis Tool Set
CATSComputerized Assets Tracking System
CATSConsortium of Audiographic Teleconferencing Standards
CATSCost Analysis Tracking System (Sprint)
CATSCorporate Accounts Transition System
CATSCognitive Avionics Toolset
CATSCalamba Airsoft Tactical Squad (Philippines)
CATSCascade Accounting & Tax Services (Everett, WA)
CATSCompensation Activity Tracking System (software)
CaTSComputing and Telecommunications Services (various schools)
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Beth had a headache and lay on the sofa, trying to comfort herself with the cat and three kittens.
Do come back again, and we won't talk about cats or dogs either, if you don't like them
To all this Don Quixote made no answer except to heave deep sighs, and then stretched himself on his bed, thanking the duke and duchess for their kindness, not because he stood in any fear of that bell-ringing rabble of enchanters in cat shape, but because he recognised their good intentions in coming to his rescue.
We had birds, gold-fish, a fine dog, rabbits, a small monkey, and a cat.
Cats certainly do love a family that has a carpet in the kitchen more than a family that has not; and if there are many children about, they prefer to spend their leisure time next door.
I looked round the corner of the table, and perceived the restaurant cat in dignified retreat.
and stop down and tickle the side of its head; and the cat sticks up its tail in a rigid, cast-iron manner, arches its back, and wipes its nose up against my trousers; and all is gentleness and peace.
He strung his bow with tendons from the buck upon which he had dined his first evening upon the new shore, and though he would have preferred the gut of Sheeta for the purpose, he was content to wait until opportunity permitted him to kill one of the great cats.
The firelight shadows were dancing over the walls; the cats were purring; and a huge bowl of hothouse chrysanthemums, sent to Phil by one of the victims, shone through the golden gloom like creamy moons.
In truth, it was raining cats and dogs, such belligerent shower all unprovoked by him who had picked no quarrels nor even been aware of his enemies until they assailed him.
Women, no doubt, generally do justice to the affectionate nature of cats.
I slept sometimes and had pipe dreams about being out chasing cats into basements and growling at old ladies with black mittens, as a dog was intended to do.