CATSACanadian Air Transport Security Authority
CATSAContinuous Autotransfusion System of Ascites (obstetrics and gynaecology)
CATSACollections and Technical Services Association
CATSACanadian Air Transport Security Act of 2002 (Canada)
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Canadian airport screeners are unionized employees, not of CATSA but of private contractors who regularly bid for this business.
9 (c) Provincial Governments ATSC Charge collected by CATSA 383.
According to CATSA, passengers should make sure thier clothes won't set off the metal detector before going through security by limiting jewellery and wearing clothes without snaps, metal buttons or studs.
Brad Buswell, President and CEO of MDI, commented: "Morpho Detection is pleased [that] CATSA has recognised the operational capabilities of Itemiser DX by placing [its] first order for this industry-leading desktop trace solution.
The CATSA purchase covers two sizes of X-ray systems, including the HI SCAN 6040 aTiX.
Recently intercepted items were put be on display June 21 at Toronto Pearson International Airport, CATSA said, as part of the effort.
This suite is fully compliant with latest regulations of the TSA, the agent of US Department of Homeland Security that oversees inline screening of baggage, as well as CATSA, the Canadian regulatory body.
CATSA is a valued and long-standing customer and we are delighted that our technology continues to support their layered security requirements.
CATSA was established on 1 April 2002 and is a federal Crown corporation.
CATSA will install equipment to automatically separate suspicious bags from cleared bags, reducing congestion, and the authority will expand the use of the Trusted Traveller CATSA Screening Line for pre-approved travellers who hold a valid NEXUS card.
Details on the layout of the transborder BHS are in flux but Rumley notes that it will comply with new United States Customs regulations: "In all new facilities Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has mandated that CATSA screen bags first before they reach US Customs.