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He is looking forward to compering and also performing on the night, alongside the powerful voice and skilled pianist, Caernarfon born Jonathan and also the talented Catti Hopkins.
GP Dr Catti Moss says: "This is the hardest type of pain to deal with emotionally, as there's no cure, and often no realistic prospect of it going away.
He developed into a national figure through the tremendous popularity of Thomas Jeffery Llewelyn Prichard's novel, The Adventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti (1828).
We all need to accept the fact that until a cure for the common cold is found, there is no quick fix," says Dr Catti Moss of the Consumer Health Information Centre, who launched their cold and flu campaign this week.
Gwyn Thomas was flamboyant, voluble, passionate, and as Welsh as Twm Sion Catti.
GP Dr Catti Moss explains: "Older people are more likely to experience leg problems as they tend to have poorer circulation and take less exercise, which can particularly affect the legs and ankles.
The 16thCentury bandit Twm Sion Catti of Tregaron is most closely associated with the tradition of the noble outlaw.
Other essays in the lively collection include Andrew Davies's account of TJ Llewellyn Pritchard's The Ad-ventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti, a novel about the ``Welsh Robin Hood'' which, when it was first published in 1826, was claimed to be the first Welsh novel in English.
Dr Catti Moss, of the Royal College of GPs, says: "If someone has hepatitis B or C and cuts themselves shaving then you use the razor and cut yourself, you could become infected too.
Dr Catti Moss of the Doctor Patient Partnership said GP surgeries are closed for a long stretch over the bank holiday weekend.
Dr Catti Moss from the DPP and Chic said, "GP surgeries are closed for a long stretch over a bank holiday which can be inconvenient for patients.