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CATVCommunity Access Television
CATVCable Television (aka Community Access Television)
CATVCommunity Antenna Television
CATVCategory V (Ethernet cabling)
CATVCargo All-Terrain Vehicle
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Lambert, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, stated: "We are aware of the upturn underway in CATV distribution electronics, but we are greatly pleased by the level of order input we were able to record in February.
Despite substantial order input for CATV products, the company expects revenue for the first quarter of FY'93 to be less than that realized in the prior year quarter.
Shekou CATV is using Concurrent's MediaHawk VOD platform as well as a content acquisition and pre-processing system locally developed by Concurrent's China office for the unique requirements of the Chinese market.
Our Nimbra platform enables our customers to launch new revenue generating TV and video related services for Broadcast TV, CATV, Telco Triple Play and DVB-T with significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX.
We are excited to announce pre-production shipments of our GaN-based CATV hybrid amplifiers to this major CATV customer," said Alastair Upton, general manager of RFMD's Broadband Components business unit.
Located in Taizhou city in Jiangsu province, Taizhou CATV is a subsidiary of The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television ("SARFT") and a major service provider and CATV operator in China.
The number of CATV subscriber households that access the Web via CATV networks almost quadrupled to 780,000 households, it said.
The new company will offer such services as building up digital networks linking CATV operators, providing TV programs, operating cable Internet services, and giving financial and technical aid to CATV operators for expanding their facilities and equipment.
Invisible to the user, however, are the grounds ("A" and "B") introduced by the antenna and the CATV hook-up in the system.
TriAccess Technologies, a leading provider of CATV and FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) RFICs (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits) for amplifying high-quality multimedia content, today announced a new series of cost effective, high performance RFICs that feature TriAccess Technologies patent-pending on-chip linearization for use in CATV Hybrids.
The consent of the CATV Companies to grant a permit enabling the use of their subscription lines is subject to the feasibility of joint parallel use of the subscription lines by the parties.
Through years of development, CATV is now the largest cable TV network throughout the world and has become one of the most important components in China's radio TV industry.