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CATVCommunity Access Television
CATVCable Television (aka Community Access Television)
CATVCommunity Antenna Television
CATVCategory V (Ethernet cabling)
CATVCargo All-Terrain Vehicle
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Zhang Lijun, the Chairman of the Board of V1 Group said: "Strategic investment in CATV is an important measure of V1 Group's video business cluster for 'change lanes to overtake', more new media video services will be released successively, you will see a new business development of the contents collection, publication and dissemination which based on the basis of new video technology, it will be the new beginning of creating a strong profitability for V1 Group new media video business cluster
This allowed EHIME CATV to deliver real-time 2160p60 video to subscribers' set-top boxes (STBs) at low bit rates, while maintaining video quality targets.
It is optimized for CATV line driver stages and delivers 17dB gain, +34dBmV minimum output power, and internal input and output matching.
Cable TV Job Listings / Employment Opportunities, CATV Industry Links and Classifieds are included also.
CATV and antenna wiring entry points may also be great distances apart.
Both international cable operators and MSOs are looking to extend their existing infrastructures and increase the available services to their CATV subscribers," said Chris Day, TriAccess Technologies president and CTO.
We are excited to announce pre-production shipments of our GaN-based CATV hybrid amplifiers to this major CATV customer," said Alastair Upton, general manager of RFMD's Broadband Components business unit.
0V supply voltage and consumes 375 mA of current (nominal) that can be easily adjusted to lower current levels for other CATV applications.
Incorporation of Triple Play Service by Telco's Challenges the Cables Operators in the CATV Test Equipment Markets
Featuring news, sports and entertainment programming, CATV offers the highest-rated programs in the region and popular local content from providers like Canal 12 (El Salvador), Canal 11 (Honduras), Guatevision (Guatemala) and Teletica (Costa Rica).
With the separate-type CA card and STBs, an STB can be a unified design no matter who the cable TV operator is as it can process the difference between the STB and CA, used by each CATV operators.
Besides digital CATV, DTV also includes In-Building TV, Mobile TV and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV).