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CATWCoalition Against Trafficking in Women (est. 1998; various locations)
CATWChristmas Around the World (Museum of Science and Industry; Chicago, IL; Christmas tree exhibit)
CATWCommunity Associations of The Woodlands (The Woodlands, Texas)
CATWCanadian Aerospace and Transportation Workers
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Essa e a posicao da Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), organizacao que surgiu na Tailandia e que se contrapoe a posicao da CATW.
A CATW [abolicionista] afirma que o Protocolo vem ao encontro das conviccoes expressas na Convencao do Trafico de 1949, designadamente que a prostituicao e o trafico sao incompativeis com a dignidade humana e que o consentimento para o trafico para fins de exploracao sexual e impossivel.
26) See the report funded by CATW and European Women's Lobby, MONICA O'CONNOR & GRAINNE HEALY, THE LINKS BETWEEN PROSTITUTION AND SEX TRAFFICKING: A BRIEFING HANDBOOK (2006), and an article by a CATW leader, Dorchen A.
CATW combats trafficking in women through protective legislation; its mission is to rescue and help "Third World victim prostitutes'.
CATW influences international organizations and its power in its official role fosters confusion between trafficking, sexual exploitation and prostitution.
The struggle--led by the CATW to create a definition of trafficking that would penalize traffickers while ensuring that all victims of trafficking would be protected--succeeded when a compromise proposal by Sweden was agreed to.
In the pamphlet entitled Legalizing Prostitution Is Not the Answer: The Example of Victoria, Australia, published by the CATW in 2001, Mary Sullivan and Sheila Jeffreys describe the way legalization in Australia has perpetuated and strengthened the culture of violence and exploitation inherent in prostitution.
164) To understand whether there was a long-term change in the participants' attitudes and behaviors, CATW intends to follow up with the participants for a period of five years.
CATW Philippines intends to follow up with the men who have participated in the program for a period of five years.
Dr Janice Raymond, co-director of CATW, said: "Thomas Cook Tours treats prostitution as harmless fun.
Dr Janice Raymond, CATW co-director, said: "Women are sold as commodities in the Dutch sex industry, and Thomas Cook charges tourists to see the marketable products and chuckle at the human merchandise.