CATWOECustomer, Actors, Transformation Process, Weltanshauung, Owner/s Environmental Constraints (risk management; mnemonic of characteristics used in Soft Systems Methodology)
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The CATWOE mnemonic results into the following definitions:
The following root definition lends to the CATWOE described above: "A system to provide decision support to the Municipality, in the framework of sustainable development, to be operated by a local planning committee, which includes scenarios for energy demand and the identification of a portfolio of options impacting on the local energy systems (in the context of an overall vision of energy use) to be appraised according to multiple axes of evaluation"
Modelling is based on the root definitions and the CATWOE elements; it is done by using verbs to describe activities and by assembling a handful of such activities structured in terms of logical dependence (Checkland 1981; Checkland and Tsouvalis 1997).