CAUI100 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface
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The SMI10031 includes quad on-chip clock and data recovery units (CDRs), along with an optional line-side deskew function for CAUI or MLD applications and an optional preskew mode that is compatible with the OIF-defined SFI-S interface.
Single 100GE CXP cPPI to CAUI Lite-PHY supporting SR10/CR10
The combined solution leverages MoSys' 10Gbps SerDes and Sarance's 40GE and 100GE MAC, Physical Coding Sub-layer (PCS) and Multi Lane Distribution (MLD) IP conforming to the emerging 40GE and 100GE standard using IEEE defined XLAUI (40GE) and CAUI (100GE) interfaces.
The Reflex CFP transceiver consumes only 6 watts and yet is compliant with the stringent CAUI electrical 100 Gbps attachment unit interface specification.