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CAULCouncil of Australian University Libraries
CAULCentro de Álgebra da Universidade de Lisboa
CAULCouncil of Atlantic University Librarians
CAULContext Aware Ubiquitous Learning
CAULChina Agricultural University Library
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Spirit cocures the omegas using an IML controlled layup/cure tool with a stiff composite caul plate to control the aerodynamic OML surface smoothness.
com/labor-delivery/en-caul-baby-birth) myths associated with en caul births, below are few of them.
Legend has it that a baby born in the caul will never drown
52) CAUL, D42/PR4/33/1, The New Franconia brochure, Cunard, 1923.
But with a stiff caul to spread the clamping force, I was able to use fewer clamps, spaced far apart.
BEEF cattle expert Neil Caul has joined Carlisle-based marts business Harrison & Hetherington as its sales development manager for Scotland.
Rob Caul, chief executive of e2train, said: "I am thrilled that we have been able to complete this strategic acquisition.
4 pieces caul fat, size determined by length and width of roulade
Sometimes I forget the white satin caul of my childhood is tight-fitted
However, for executive compensation plans like executive bonus and non-qualified deferred compensation funded with life insurance, CAUL may be more suitable.
I came into the world not just with a fabled caul about my face, but a torn caul--some say a shredded one" (19).
Marks & Spencer's senior packaging technologist Dr Mark Caul is right to highlight the poor state of the UK's recycling infrastructure ('M&S packaging expert casts doubt over its Plan A targets,' The Grocer, 15 March, p8).