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CAUSCitizens Against UFO Secrecy (Peter Gersten, Esq, Founder)
CAUSColor Association of the United States
CAUSCausativo (Portuguese and Spanish: Causative; linguistics)
CAUSCollege of Architecture & Urban Studies (Virginia Tech)
CAUSCentral de Acción de Unificación Sindical (Spanish: Labor Action and Unity Central, Nicaragua)
CAUSCitizens Against Urban Sprawl
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CAUS allows these institutions to eliminate subjectivity from the approval process and ensure that underwriting standards are in compliance.
He was arrested by the then Northern Alliance and handed over CAUS forces.
Abbreviations A 'actor' first argument CAUS causative CTRF centrifugal CTRP centripetal DIST distal EMPH emphatic F feminine GEN generic H human INAL inalienable LOC locative M masculine N neutral NH nonhuman NOM nominalization PL plural POS possessor PRED predicate PROX proximal SG singular { } unsegmented complex
OUTSTA OUTST NDING PERFORMANCE IN A LOSING CAUS USE: E: Dutch defender Ron Dutch defender Ron Vlaar v Argentina.
ABC ablativus causae ABL ablative ALL abative AP absolute passive AUX auxiliary BEN benefactive CAUS causative CP conjunctive participle DAT dative EMP emphatic particle ERG ergative F feminine FIL filler word FPP future passive participle FUT future GEN genitive IMP imperative INF infinitive INS instrumental INT interrogative word ITM the iterative marker -i- LOC locative M masculine N neuter NOM nominative OBJ object OBL oblique OPT optative PL plural PM person marker POP postposition PP past participle PPRES present participle PRES present tense PSM the passive marker -i SF suffix SG singular
worry + CAUS + 3SG 'New computer programs are produced so quickly in our firm that our competitors are getting worried.
Abbreviations AGR agreement marker CAUS causative CM noun class marker COND conditional COP copula DEM demonstrative DET determiner DIM diminutive EXIST existential FUT future tense IMP imperative LIG ligature LOC locative (preposition) NEG negative marker PAST past tense PL plural POSS possessive marker POT potential Q propositional question marker REFL reflexive marker SCR subject cross-reference marker SG singular TP background topic marker 1 first person 2 second person 3 third person
Ditransitive event: 'the journalist gave a book to the police officer' Agent V Theme Recipient (ditransitive) Tritransitive event (Beneficiary role type) 'the journalist gave a book to the police officer Agent V Theme Recipient (tritransitive) for the performance artist' Beneficiary Tritransitive event (Causee role type) 'the journalist made the police officer give the book Agent CAUS Causee V Theme to the performance artist' Recipient (tritransitive)
n faa -ma dii -ra- person -DEF REL all DISC come -IPFV child CAUS -mini i exit at 'The people who are all coming to a baptism, e taam -[?