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CAUTCanadian Association of University Teachers
CAUTCommittee for the Advancement of University Teaching (Australia)
CAUTCollege and University Technicians (Piano Technicians Guild category)
CAUTCambridge Association of University Teachers (UK)
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CAUT also worried that targeted research funding would exacerbate regional and institutional disparities because, if there were no "core funding" (the running costs of institutions, including teaching as distinct from specific research), smaller and less research oriented institutions would receive no federal funding at all.
At secular universities and colleges, CAUT members do it all the time.
In the case of maternity leave, the CAUT guidelines, together with changes being made by other universities, created normative and competitive pressures on McGill and prompted activists such as Lynn Butler-Kisber to take initiative and, with persistence, produce a successful outcome.
In Canada, CAUT (2008) pointed out that more than 6000 (67%) of the 9000 full-time university teachers hired between 1984 and 2004 were women.
CAUT official James Turk added that CAUT is now doing everything they possibly can to help get the federal government to restore funds, including making them aware of the enormous cost to First Nations communities.
In 1996, CAUT has also funded the development of peer group learning in field education.
Earlier this year an article by Berezin and Hunter appeared in the February issue of the CAUT Bulletin and, in modified form in ACCN for March (pp.
We could have invited James Turk, who taught in our department once upon a time and as president of CAUT has developed a masterful "Get Science Right" campaign to resist the Harper government's wholesale attack on research on the environment.
With the advice and assistance of CAUT, and the support of the University Faculty Association, we were finally able to bring the relevant persons in positions of administrative authority back into the discussion of what a new accommodation plan would look like (those persons included the new Provost of the University, the Dean of Science, the Director of my home academic unit, the new head of Human Resources, and the University Anti-Discrimination Officer).
28) Canadian Association of University Teachers, CAUT Education Review 12, no.
He also remarked that Trinity Western was not even informed that it was being "investigated" by CAUT, and says that it is "outright anti-Christian discrimination" (ibid).