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CAUTICatheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection
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Their products are a perfect fit in our ERASE CAUTI Comprehensive Care Solution to ensure customers have high quality tools for managing a patients bladder condition across all diagnoses," says Sarah Dickinson, president of Medlines Urology division.
Nurses are essential to each component, making nursing care the cornerstone of CAUTI prevention.
Therefore, in 2013, a CAUTI reduction program was launched which focused on developing best practices transferable across Northwell Health.
Areas of improvement included CAUTI, central line-associated bloodstream infection, c.
It was clear that if we could reduce the rates of CAUTI, care outcomes for our patients would improve -- patients would recover faster and be able to return home to their families sooner," added Dr.
3 illustrates the 2014 CAUTI rates for all the units in the hospital (A-H).
920) for CAUTI, corresponding to 9% and 11% decreases, respectively, compared with baseline.
Items of the questionnaire were obtained from the following guidelines: "Evidence-Based Practice in Infection Control (EPIC2)," (20) "National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)," (21) and "Prevention of CAUTI, (HSE/HPSC)" (22) and were adapted by an expert urologist.
More than 560,000 patients develop CAUTI each year, leading to extended hospital stays, increased health care costs, and patient morbidity and mortality.
The main isolates associated with CAUTI were Acinetobacter (40%) and Klebsiella (33%).
Variables significantly associated with CAUTI were older age (odds ratio [OR] = 1.