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CAVALCooperative Action by Victorian Academic Libraries (Australia)
CAVALCoopérative Agricole Vienne-Anjou-Loire (French: Agricultural Cooperative Vienne-Anjou-Loire)
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Use of jugular vein autograft for reconstruction of the cranial vena cava in a dog with invasive thymoma and cranial vena caval syndrome.
2]) 2]) Retroperitoneoscopic (A) Insufficient laparoscopic - 1 - exploration of kidney Vena Cava injury - - 1 Bleeding from tumor - - 1 vessels Transperitoneal (B) Adhesions causing - 3 - difficult manipulation Renal artery injury 1 1 - Renal vein injury 1 - - Splenic injury 1 - - To extract caval tumor 1 - - thrombus Bleeding from tumor - - 1 vessels
Whilst, a rare condition one should be alert to potential caval abnormalities when reviewing abdominal imaging of potential donors, (Figure 3) as anomalous venous structures tend to be dilated and tortuous making injury more likely (7).
Following aortobicaval cannulation cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) was constituted and both caval veins were encircled with tapes and occluder snears were applied.
Cardoso moved to engineering, manufacturing, and management positions with International Nickel Corporation and Caval Tool & Machine Company before taking the post of vice president, manufacturing operations, for Colt Manufacturing Company, Hartford, CT.
Ricos C, Garcia-Lariol J-V, Alvarez V, Caval F, Domenechl M, Hernandez A, et al.
David Caval, the league's chief executive officer and co-founder, said Santa Clarita seems ideal - it has a strong connection with the summer pastime through its high school and youth leagues, and the sought-after demographic of young upper-middle-income families.
Although girls have been allowed to become knights for 10 years, Keladry is the first to try and she struggles to be accepted among 100 boys, especially by Lord Wyldon of Caval, the training master who firmly believes girls were made for nothing more exciting than embroidery.
The only retransplant was in a patient who suffered suprahepatic caval stenosis after receiving a standard liver.
To sample the best of Turin's cuisine, visit the Neuv Caval 'd Brons in Piazza San Carlo or the Tre Galline in Via Bellezia 37.
Hosein Shokouh-Amiri, MD and his surgical team used the piggyback technique of liver resection without caval excision to treat 34 patients, while 56 patients received the standard procedure of orthotopic liver transplantation with venovenous bypass.