CAVDCollaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (est. 2006)
CAVDCongenital Absence of the Vas Deferens
CAVDCustom Audio Video Distribution (various locations)
CAVDCanadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology
CAVDCardiac Allograft Vascular Disease
CAVDClub Auto Verte Dunkerquois (French: Green Auto Club Dunkirk; Dunkirk, France)
CAVDComplete Atrio-Ventricular Canal Defect (cardiology)
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The permit also allows the conversion through the CAVD of ASR, and similar manmade wastes of plastic, carpet, etc.
If found acceptable, the CAVD operation could support a 200 ton a day plant for years off the existing stockpile, and perpetually with new waste being brought in.
The CAVD supports research priorities identified by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, an alliance of researchers, funders and advocates from developing and developed countries dedicated to implementing a shared scientific plan to accelerate HIV vaccine development.
The Company will operate CAVD 1 at the Palm Harbor, Florida location with joint venture partners to prove out the output models of energy from set amounts of feed stocks.
With the power setup in place, the mobile CAVD reactor will now be able to run several waste feedstocks from large resource heavy areas that are available to NGRN.
After seeing the CAVD Technology first-hand, and with the worldwide energy consumption at an all time high, alternative fuel sources and waste to energy is the area that we want to pursue," stated Allenton Towne, Chief Executive Officer, Proguard Acquisition Corp.
Paranjape, Director, National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune, participated in the CAVD CA-MIMC Full Group/ SAB Meeting at Durham (September 5-6, 2008).
New Green can sell CAVD or own plants for large scale energy production of oil and gas from numerous waste products, such as automobile waste, carpet waste, bio wastes (tobacco, citrus, wood, etc.
We were approached constantly by investors, lenders and investment bankers in attendance on both our biodiesel and CAVD projects.