CAVDCollaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (est. 2006)
CAVDCongenital Absence of the Vas Deferens
CAVDCustom Audio Video Distribution (various locations)
CAVDCanadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology
CAVDCardiac Allograft Vascular Disease
CAVDClub Auto Verte Dunkerquois (French: Green Auto Club Dunkirk; Dunkirk, France)
CAVDComplete Atrio-Ventricular Canal Defect (cardiology)
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With a better understanding of how the disease progresses from early to later stages, we may eventually be able to stop CAVD in its tracks and avoid valve replacement surgery.
In this study, our results demonstrated that Boxer dogs affected by CAVD have autonomic changes reflected by reduction of HRV parameters, and this reduction is not a consequence of the number or severity of ventricular arrhythmias.
The permit also allows the conversion through the CAVD of ASR, and similar manmade wastes of plastic, carpet, etc.
This site was selected as it contains a primary stockpile of over 250,000 tons of construction debris primarily containing wood waste which will be the main feedstock for use in the CAVD technology.
The CAVD supports research priorities identified by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, an alliance of researchers, funders and advocates from developing and developed countries dedicated to implementing a shared scientific plan to accelerate HIV vaccine development.
The Company will operate CAVD 1 at the Palm Harbor, Florida location with joint venture partners to prove out the output models of energy from set amounts of feed stocks.
After seeing the CAVD Technology first-hand, and with the worldwide energy consumption at an all time high, alternative fuel sources and waste to energy is the area that we want to pursue," stated Allenton Towne, Chief Executive Officer, Proguard Acquisition Corp.
New Green Technologies will launch its new website, business plan, and newly created technology videos, which cover both CAVD and plasma technologies, and will be on site with its joint venture partners for each technology.
The WSR interview covers EFTI's 2007 Green-Now initiative and current developments in the Company's Channahon, IL bio-refinery and the revamp of EFTI's CAVD tire remediation reactor in Mobile, AL.
Under the terms of the Agreement EarthFirst's WESCO subsidiary will contribute certain intellectual property rights relating to CAVD tire technology, use of the Mobile facility and up to $450,000 cash.