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CAVECarlsbad Caverns National Park (US National Park Service)
CAVECave Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVECitizen(s) Against Virtually Everything
CAVECollaborative Virtual Environment
CAVECellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
CAVEComputer Assisted Virtual Environment
CAVECommunity Action Volunteers in Education (California State University, Chico)
CAVECaller Verification (EU)
CAVECenter for Advanced Vehicle Electronics (Auburn University)
CAVEColumbia Automated Vision Environment
CAVECERES/ARM Validation Experiment
CAVECitizens against Violence Everywhere (Beaufort County, SC)
CAVEComputerized Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVECatholic Audio-Visual Educators Association
CAVECitizens Aware of Virtually Everything
CAVEContractual Aspect of Value Engineering
CAVECompetitive Autonomous Vehicle
CAVEClub Angevin de Véhicules d'Epoque (French: Angevin Vintage Vehicles Club)
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But he is here in the cave, and will speak for himself if you desire it.
The wires go out from the cave and fence in a circle of level ground a hundred yards in diameter; they make twelve independent fences, ten feet apart -- that is to say, twelve circles within circles -- and their ends come into the cave again.
As he drew nearer, he discerned the black mouth of the cave.
And afterwards, as they sat at night by the fire in the cave they spoke together.
Leaving Powell's body where it lay on the ledge I crept into the cave to reconnoiter.
When we got to the land, which was not far, there, on the face of a cliff near the sea, we saw a great cave overhung with laurels.
If the cave does not go through I do not understand why this person, who has every reason to mean us well, should have drawn our attention to it.
The limb upon which I found myself ascended at a slight angle toward the cliff, and as I followed it I found that it terminated a few feet above a narrow ledge which protruded from the cliff's face at the entrance to a narrow cave.
The bones of dead men lay man high upon the broad floor of the first cave, and over all was a putrid mush of decaying flesh, through which the apts had beaten a hideous trail toward the entrance to the second cave beyond.
But this is a lonely place, and no good meat has passed by my cave for many years; so I'm hungry.
Gathering a number of stones into a little pile beside the mouth of the cave I waited the advance of the Sagoths.
One of them, with the advantage which his wings might give him, would easily be a match for a cave bear or a tarag.