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CAVEATCoronary Angioplasty Versus Excisional Atherectomy Trial
CAVEATCitizens Against Violence Everywhere Advocating Its Termination
CAVEATComputer-Assisted Vector Evaluation and Target Design
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In scenarios where the title deed for a unit has been issued, the customer does not need to register a caveat.
39) Thus, judge advocates have to maintain situational awareness on caveats by tracking the caveat database and working directly with multinational legal advisors.
If at the time of the filing of any caveat the decedent's will has been admitted to probate or letters of administration have been issued, the clerk shallmust promptly notify the caveator in writing of the date of issuance of letters and the names and addresses of the personal representative and the personal representative's attorney.
Accordingly, given the circumstances of the case the doctrine of caveat emptor applied.
Germany and its caveats has been singled out by Washington for greatest attention, partly because this major member state of the alliance benefited so much from NATO solidarity in the cold war and partly because Berlin's caveats have restricted deployment of Bundeswehr troops to service only in the north of Afghanistan, which sees far less combat than areas along the Pakistan border.
All the usual caveats about reloading apply, of course.
As a caveat, the escape time distribution for UCNs in an actual experiment may also be affected by mechanical vibrations and slight instabilities in the magnetic field.
My caveat is that the only way I could have known that ID Media had designed the site was to look all over the place.
This is a useful caveat for scales in major and minor tenth double stops, as there will be hands that cannot comfortably make this reach, especially below seventh position.
Among the louche and permissive, this sort of experience is called fun, and Zelevansky's prim caveat seems to suggest that we should abandon such tawdry pleasures, stop gawking at the centerfold, and start reading the articles.
The second caveat is that, unfortunately, there are those employees that don't care about doing a good job.
Herein lies the caveat for the reason behind the creation of Glofish--a new breed of so-called glow-in-the-dark pets-and a nexus in the coevolution offish and humans.