CAVICentre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (Aarhus, Denmark)
CAVICardio-Ankle Vascular Index (Japan)
CAVICapital Alliance Ventures Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CAVICentre AudioVisuel et Informatique (French: Audiovisual and Computer Center; University of the New Sorbonne; Paris, France)
CAVIComputer-Assisted Video Interactive (medical education)
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Sin interrupcion, durante el llenado, se han registrado los vehiculos que accedieron al CAVI para descargar forraje (previamente han sido pesados en el acceso, lo que nos permitira determinar la cantidad de forraje que entra en el silo) y el numero de vehiculos en cola para su descarga.
El flujo de entrada de forraje al silo se ha expresado en horas, indicando, en cada hora, la cantidad de flujo entrante en el CAVI (kg de materia verde por hora, kg.
Mr Bailey encouraged Queenslanders to participate in Help CAVI get Savvy survey, which will be launched tomorrow (Thursday 28 September).
Local development and deployment of ITS and cooperative and connected initiatives such as CAVI will help make our roads safer and bring benefit to governments, industry and the community across Queensland as well as Australia.
CAVI should continue to diversify its revenue subscriber base as digital and broadband subscriber's growth results following the networks expected upgrade.
CAVI has been able to adequately manage programming costs after increasing its economy of scale, and is now in a better position to cope with costs increases going forward.
CAVI generated US$ 55 million of free cash flow during 2007 compared to US$ 92 million during 2006, applying an increasing portion of its cash flow from operations to capital expenditures.
The size and scope of GrowthWorks' operations offers many advantages to CAVI and CSTGF shareholders.
Fullarton Capital Corporation and its predecessor companies have managed CAVI and CSTGF since their inception in 1994 and 1996 respectively.