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CAVIARContext Aware Vision Using Image-Based Active Recognition
CAVIARCinema And Video Industry Audience Research
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Caviar sales from Caspian sturgeon were banned several years ago as the number of sturgeon in the Caspian plummeted.
Really good caviar only comes from two places on the Caspian Sea: Iran and Russia.
Serge Zaalof, Chief Operating Officer for Atlantis Resorts & Residencescomments 'We have thoroughly enjoyed this project we have embarked upon with our esteemed partner, AmStur Caviar and we are extremely proud to have achieved the impossible with the 50kg tin.
The caviar was served in a custom-made, diamond-shaped caviar tin coined 'Cleito' after the goddess known as the 'Mother of Atlantis'.
But while consumers--both domestic and international--are yet to appreciate Chinese caviar, it has become a key ingredient for the world's greatest chefs.
We were very proud to partner with the prestigious Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in this unique undertaking, and extremely excited to introduce our world-class caviar to the guests, says AmStur Caviar Partner Nicholas Narsavidze.
La Prairie had commissioned five artists to interpret the Skin Caviar for a touring exhibition that made stops in New York, Paris and Hong Kong-it will make its final stop in Shanghai in November-to underscore La Prairie's achievements in skincare as both science and art.
Khavyar has a regular shipping schedule to ensure freshness and prompt delivery of its caviar products, as follows.
Caviar launched its service in Philadelphia two years ago and now partners directly with over 300 restaurants across the city.
Speaking of why it chose Putin to be the face of eight of its luxury iPhones, Caviar said: "President Vladimir Putin has become a symbol of the new generation, strong-willed and a decisive leader.
Black Opal Caviar on Blinis and Dill Creme Fraiche (MAKES 20 PIECES) 4 ounces Black Opal caviar 20 blinis Homemade dill creme fraiche Brown butter (melt butter over medium heat, swirling pan occasionally, until toasty brown).
Olma Caviar Bar's first location in The Plaza Hotel's Food Hall has built a strong customer base and has been so successful that its principals sought to expand," Idnani said.