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CAVIARContext Aware Vision Using Image-Based Active Recognition
CAVIARCinema And Video Industry Audience Research
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Regis bubbly ritual atop the prestigious helipad then indulge in an exclusive tasting of Private Collection Caviars including Kaluga, Beluga and the King of Caviars "Almas".
The farm produces more than a dozen very fine trout products, from fresh and smoked filets to value-added products such as trout dip and caviar.
monocytogenes and endogeneous microflora in caviar held at 3 C and 7 C over a month of storage.
Iran's exports of Caspian caviar plummeted to a mere four tons in 2010.
From a tiny opening, a mass of unfertilized black eggs -- caviar -- spills into a waiting bowl.
YASA Caviar, produced by Emirates AquaTech, is the UAE and region s first and only caviar and sturgeon brand.
After that, put on the caviar oils in addition to a special caviar mask on the face.
An unopened can of caviar will last up to four weeks but an opened can needs to be consumed within three days.
Caviar has been considered a decadent treat for ages.
The newly launched range includes fresh and pressed caviar, fresh and frozen sturgeon fillets as well as hot and cold smoked sturgeon fillet.
Emirates Aquatech operates one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced indoor recirculating sturgeon and caviar farms, covering an area of 56,000 sq m.
It would have been a mark of distinction to have had Black Caviar compete on Dubai World Cup night, but we fully understand the decision her connections made and we really acknowledge the accomplishment that she was able to achieve for her connections and Peter Moody," he told Gulf News on Wednesday.