CAVRCanadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources
CAVRClean Air Visibility Rule (US EPA)
CAVRCanadian Agreement on Vehicle Registration
CAVRCenter for Audio-Visual Research
CAVRCompleteness, Accuracy, Validity and Restricted access (financial accounting)
CAVRCalculation And Analyses Verification Record
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The CAVR was guaranteed in section 162 of Timor-Leste's Constitution as a transitional mechanism responsible for administering justice for past rights violations.
Points made about Timor-Leste's experience following the dissolution of CAVR included:
Case study: The CAVR and Displaced Persons: A Gendered Perspective
The cases represent only a tiny snapshot of the violence against women in East Timor from 1975 until 1999, as is made clear in the CAVR Chega
11), while the CAVR Report claimed that the CRP provided symbolic closure.
Any "success" Indonesia might have had, however, was quickly undone by the CRE According to the Final Report of the CAVR, "the prominence given to lisan within the CRP, including the element of official recognition had helped to restore its place as a unifying force within communities.
The CAVR concluded that the total number of conflict-related
Patient Warning Level IIB Level III Room Temp +/- ++ Thermal Head Cap + + Baer Hugger[R] +/- + Fluid Warmer +/- + Ventilation Warner - +/- CAVR - +/- Table 5.
Since its inception in early 2002, the CAVR has taken nearly 5000 statements from victims and witnesses.
CAVR offers certification of membership, continuing education standards, and collaboration with provincial, national and international volunteer organizations.
The CAVR is given one chapter, though it appears the deadline for manuscripts for this collection occurred before the final report Chega