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CAWGCalifornia Association of Winegrape Growers
CAWGCalifornia Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
CAWGCalifornia Association of Wheat Growers
CAWGCackling Aloud with Gusto
CAWGCommunications Architecture Working Group
CAWGClean Air Working Group
CAWGCost Analysis Working Group
CAWGConformity Assessment Working Group (Trilateral)
CAWGChild Animal Welfare Group (Farnborough, UK)
CAWGContent Accessibility Working Group (Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
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This was exacerbated by the fact that the merger of the CCP into CAWG added Catholic participants informed by such social justice issues as solidarity with the Philippine struggle against the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship.
According to "Employer Health Asset Management: A Roadmap for Improving the Health of Your Employees and Your Organization," a guide published by CAWG that outlines how employers can introduce cost-effective employee health programs, there are seven elements requiring involvement and accountability from employers and employees that should be conducted in order to implement a successful wellness program.
According to CAWG coordinator Cindy Buhl, "We really needed to develop more sophisticated, over-arching, long-term, targeted field campaign for swing-states, to hire crack field staff to go in and organize.
Jointly organized by the ASEV and CAWG, the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium represents the collective experience, knowledge and background of the entire industry.
CAWG also developed a close link with the small East Timor [Protestant] .
s WIEBC and/or CAWG MEP 401(k) program are right for your company and its employees.
Lodi grapegrower and CAWG chairman of state government affairs Brad Goehring is especially incensed by the retroactive provisions of the new law, which require employers to adjust worker compensation dating back to July 2012.
Earlier, CAWG president John Aguirre commented that skilled vineyard laborers already earn more than California's current $10 per hour minimum.
We know consumers have many choices when it comes to wine," says Karen Ross, President of CAWG.
Also from CAWG, Mike Boer, who owns vineyards at Stipp Ranch in Ukiah, Calif.
This is our 14th year of putting on the event which has grown from a rather small gathering to the huge event it is today, with people attending from virtually every wine-producing region of the world," said Karen Ross, president of CAWG.
John Aguirre, the president of CAWG, said, "Through the industry-supported Pierce's Disease Control Program, we helped g stop the spread of PD, and soon commercial nurseries ' will have access to a variety of PD-resistant wine grapes, none of which would be possible without the 1 PD assessment.