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CAWSCreate A Wrestler (video games)
CAWSCommunity Animal Welfare Society (Salt Lake City, Utah)
CAWSClose Assault Weapon System
CAWSCentral Aural Warning System (aviation)
CAWSCommon Arrangement of Work Sections (engineering)
CAWSCommercial Analyst Workstation
CAWSCaution And Warning System (aviation)
CAWSCommon Aviation Weather Subsystem
CAWSCombat Assessment Workstation (US Navy)
CAWSCommunications Afloat Work Study
CAWSCannon Artillery Weapons System
CAWSCalifornia Area Wideband System
CAWSChicago Air & Water Show
CAWSCaution, Advisory and Warning System (aviation)
CAWSCrystal Adaptive Winter Sports
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Call Linda Brown at Bara Caws on 01286 676335 for the venue list.
While sharing similar paths en route to CAW ownership, the properties carried significantly different valuations.
11 allowed CAW to complete its purchase of the wooded 488-acre tract about a mile north of Lake Maumelle.
While the output and scale has changed greatly since Thelma began the business in her kitchen, Caws Cenarth is still a family-run affair, with Thelma's son Carwyn, below, and his wife Susanna now taking the lead.
Caws Cenarth cheeses are produced from milk supplied by Calon Wen, the Welsh Co-op for Organic Dairy Farmers, and sourced from the surrounding farms.
Caws begins this text with a story recounting one of her own experiences of a form of slippage: One summer, suffering from vertigo in Provence, she underwent what she believed to be a "salmon maneuver" [la manoeuvre saumon]--a surprising maneuver performed by a doctor, during which the patient is taken, quickly and forcefully, from an upright seated position to one in which she is laying on her side with her head turned so that her nose is pointing toward the ceiling; this is meant to "readjust the little hairs in the inner ear" in order to relieve a particular type of vertigo (1).
The systems are used to authenticate the identity of users and issue credentials in operations using either the CAW 3.
All that is present in Manifesto, edited by Mary Ann Caws, professor of comparative literature at the City University of New York and author of, among other books, The Surrealist Look: An Erotics of Encounter.
Caws Cenarth was named best Welsh cheese for its Caerphilly for the second year in succession.
Caws has reproduced Cornell's lineation, retained his Dickinsonian dashes, and included the asterisks he used to announce epiphanic instants ("temoignages").
In this lavishly illustrated compendium, Caw (comparative literature, Graduate Center, City University of New York) covers the whole period of Surrealist art: painting, poetry, sculpture, novels, installation and film.