CAWTCoalition Against Wildlife Trafficking
CAWTCo-operation and Working Together (initiative)
CAWTcarotid artery wall thickness
CAWTCoalition for Alternative Wastewater Treatment
CAWTCampaign against Wind Turbines (UK)
CAWTConcerned about Wind Turbines (UK)
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Our group demonstrated that the presence of CAWT greater than 1mm in patients with diabetes or hypertension is strongly correlated with a risk to suffer a stroke.
The detection and evaluation of CAWT together with the study of other cardiovascular factors allows for improvement in patient follow up and risk stratification.
In November 2007, actor Harrison Ford, who sits on the board of CAWT partner Conservation International, filmed three public service announcements for CAWT.
Since its inception, CAWT has been active in holding several international training courses about wildlife law enforcement and related topics and conducting awareness activities.
Tenders are invited for Development of a Website for the CAWT Diabetes Structured Patient Education Project