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CAYLUSCentral Australian Youth Link Up Service (substance abuse prevention)
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Marie-Therese Reboul's skillful rendering of natural phenomena, which so impressed Vien and the comte de Caylus, is easily observed in her illustrations for Adanson's Histoire naturelle du Senegal.
En 1737, l'academicien Anne-Claude de Tubieres, comte de Caylus, publie une version francaise, basee non pas sur l'original catalan, dont on ignore a l'epoque l'existence, mais sur la traduction espagnole.
Caroli de Caylus, Autissiodorensis episcopi, autoritate & ejusdem ecclesiae capituli consensu, editum (28) Trecis : apud viduam Petri Michelin, typographi & bibliopolae regis, in vico magno, MDCCXXXVIII
4) In Lang, Tolkien would have met many examples of good fairies giving gifts and counsel, such as the Queen of the Woods (in "Felicia and the Pot of Pinks," by d'Aulnoy, in Blue), Paridamie (in "Rosanella," by de Caylus, in Green), the Fairy of the Meadows (in "Sylvain and Jocosa," de Caylus, in Green), or Douceline (in "The Golden Branch," by d'Aulnoy, in Red).
During our last visit, we were approached to prepare an exhibition to be held in conjunction with the successful potters market held in Caylus during August," said Peter Castle from Uwic's MA ceramics programme.
Caylus was clear that this taste varies with time: `Le gout d'un pays etant une fois etabli, on n'a plus qu' a le suivre dans ses progres et alterations' `The taste of a nation once established, we have only to follow it in its progress and its alterations'.
Contract award: project management contract for the construction of the early childhood center "madiba" - eco-district "domain caylus.
The importance of the theme was further highlighted when the prominent archaeologist Comte de Caylus included it as suitable for representation in his 'Tableaux tires de l'Iliade, de l'Odyssee et de l'Eneide' (1757).
The monuments were well known to 18th-century antiquarian writers in France (notably de Caylus 1764: 369-89), familiar with Caesar's account of this area in the Gallic War, but they took on a new interest in the context of the Romantic Movement and their assumed association with the Celts.
Esprit Calvet to Caylus, Lettres inedites d'Henri IV et de plusieurs personages celebres (An X [1802]) 376, 382).
Contract for the provision of containers, collection and treatment of non-hazardous waste and bio-waste military allowances Montauban, Castelsarrasin Caylus (82) and Agen (47).