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CAYSChildren and Youth Services
CAYSCaboolture Area Youth Service Inc. (Caboolture, Queensland, Australia)
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The Joulter Cays are a critical wintering location for Atlantic plovers, red knots, and other declining shorebirds.
One fortunate happening just prior to shutting down Walkers Cay by the owner was that the runway on Walkers got repaved, so planes can still land there.
A Vietnamese frigate is always in the vicinity and visible from the Philippine-claimed Northeast Cay.
Animals collected from Twin Cays, Belize, during the summer of 2003 were first cultured at the marine station in Carrie Bow Cay for 3 weeks, then transported as above to Yale.
Although Protestant and Green Cays are considered critical habitat for this species, both islands are located relatively close to each other in the north coast of Saint Croix, making them vulnerable to the same natural disturbances such as hurricanes.
There is a simmering feeling of sexiness that comes naturally in these islands," Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone (a Caribe Cay devotee) says.
The diurnally active ant species inhabiting these cays were surveyed each May from 1989 to 1994.
In 1994, Chub Cay Island opened a fully automated, licensed power company, Chub Cay Power & Light, which is designed to provide all of the island's electrical power requirements well into the next century.
We measured water salinity and temperature on windward and leeward sides of Peter Douglas, Spruce, and Wee Wee Cays, and at one protected and one exposed site within Twin Cays [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Dozens of tiny, mangrove-rimmed islands called cays, and patches of coral reef make their homeland an exceptionally productive fishing ground.
When those first ships hove over the horizon, San Salvador, a small cay (pronounced key), was lush with groves of mahogany, lignum vitae, and redcedar.
South of Eleuthera and across the Exuma Sound, is another 130-mile chain of islands and 365 cays called The Exumas.