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CAXComputer Aided Everything
CAXCombined Arms Exercise
CAXComputer-Assisted Exercise
CAXCentral Axis (radiotherapy)
CAXComputer-Aided Systems
CAXComputer-Aided Exercise
CAXComputer Aided Exchange (trademark of DaTelCo)
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The process of making the book was not without difficulties and as the deadline approached, Cax was only halfway through.
Officers are searching for a green Ford Fiesta whose registration plate ends CAX seen at the Jones' house.
Mojave Viper," a considerably more comprehensive and realistic scenario-based training environment for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, has replaced the traditional CAX program.
Segun informo el ejecutivo, los CAX, que representan mas de 45% de la facturacion del negocio de oficina y fueron el primer brazo de distribucion de la compania, a partir de mayo proximo contaran con apoyo comercial en funcion de sus tres nuevas subdivisiones: Partner Plus, Premiere Partner y Concesionario estandar.
mil>; attend a two-week resident phase at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; and then attend a two-week CAX at any of several installations.
but settled on CAX for immediate oversight on maintenance of the equipment.
He is now the Air Representative for CAX at the Tactical Training and Exercise Control Group, MAGTF Training Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif.
Celtic fans are enjoying a period of quiet but THERE'S ONLY pewdrspi cax ture udm wwdw dwdbra est culi.
and a Kentish coachman who "really drove as fast as Cax.
AHU, Minas Gerais, 16 April 1782, Cax 119, doc 30, Report, Principe.
Tooling leadtimes can be slashed dramatically, if it is possible to go directly from the product CAx database to production tools without the extensive "data massaging" that takes place today.