CBAFCoastal Bend AIDS Foundation (Corpus Christi, TX)
CBAFCastle Bromwich Aircraft Factory (Castle Bromwich, West Midlands, England, UK)
CBAFCoventry Black Arts Forum
CBAFCoal, Biomass and Alternative Fuels (International Gas Turbine Institute)
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Regarding the management model, it was observed that 611 (64%) municipalities have a decentralized CBAF resource management, that is, the procurement of drugs and supplies was performed directly by the municipality.
The present study analyzed the financial value applied per inhabitant per year in 17% of the Brazilian municipalities for the procurement of medicines and supplies of the CBAF and identified differences between population sizes, geographic regions, management model, number of items purchased, average unit value of items and types of bid proceedings.
In relation to the unit values of the CBAF products most acquired by the municipalities of the sample, compared to the population size and the mean unit value shown in the BPS, it is worth noting that there is a need to carry out a more detailed analysis to identify factors involved in price differences shown.
The methodology used only the list of medicines geared to the CBAF, from RENAME 8th edition, to define the financial value per inhabitant / year, which may result in underestimated figures, since municipalities can purchase other medicines for primary care with their own resources.
Mean unit value of the most purchased CBAF items, in a pharmaceutical facility, by the Brazilian municipalities.
Almost 70 per cent of the CBAF sample saw this need and 62 per cent in the case of the Chamber of Commerce.
The proportion of CBAF respondents indicating that they had made useful contacts was 13 per cent, suggesting marginaly less success than in Wellington.
Despite the sparsity of new relationships, the majority of CBAF members thought the initiative was worthwhile and would continue to obtain their support.
The two most frequent suggestions were first, to target network meetings to specific industries and types of business (mentioned by 50 per cent of Chamber of Commerce members and 43 per cent of the CBAF sample); second, to provide a brokerage service that would proactively identify and facilitate opportunities for inter-firm co-operation (mentioned by 28 per cent of Chamber of Commerce members and 35 per cent of the CBAF sample).
A reflection of this was the owner of a long-established business, affected by market changes and struggling to keep its staff in work, who noted that he had ceased attending CBAF functions because it did not `cater for people like himself.
For example, one CBAF respondent commented on the anti-networking attitudes she had discovered when moving from a more prosperous neighbourhood to a less prosperous one.
A pilot brokerage scheme exists in Canterbury organised by the Canterbury Development Corporation, the agency that oversees the CBAF.