CBAGCalifornia Border Alliance Group (drug trafficking prevention)
CBAGCoalition of Badger Action Groups (England)
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Under the terms of the CBAG, signed in 1999 by key European institutions including Germany's Bundesbank and the European Central Bank and renewed in 2004, members can sell up to 500 tons of gold a year.
Additionally, if certain conditions are met by Uranium One under its Asset Purchase Agreement with USEG and CBAG, the companies stand to receive up to an additional $40 million in cash payments from Uranium One in the future.
Uranium One"), which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in South Africa and Australia (TSE and JSE: SXR) has exercised its right to extend its option to purchase uranium assets from USEG and CBAG for an additional three months as defined under a July 10, 2006 Agreement ("Agreement").