CBAKCentral Banking Authority of Kosovo
CBAKCommunity Bankers Association of Kansas
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In addition, CBAK and DICP will join hands in training technical talents in China's power battery industry so as to further promote the industrial development.
In addition, CBAK and DICP will also cooperate in training graduate and post-doctoral students and co-build a graduate practice base, which will provide talent and technical support towards enhancing China's international competitiveness in the power battery industry.
CBAK has been attaching great importance to R&D, and has trained a group of top battery technology experts in China.
The cooperation between CBAK and DICP in aggregating and training technologically innovative talents in the field of power battery materials will help further develop key technologies and materials of power battery, effectively break through the bottleneck of the industry, and promote the development of the electric vehicle industry," said Mr.