CBAPCertified Business Analysis Professional (International Institute of Business Analysis)
CBAPConsumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project (Philadelphia, PA)
CBAPCentre Breton d'Art Populaire (French: Breton Folk Art Center; Brest, France)
CBAPConservative Baptist Association of the Philippines
CBAPConnecticut Butterfly Atlas Project (Peabody Museum of Natural History; New Haven, CT)
CBAPClub Belge des Anciennes Peugeot (French: Belgian Old Peugeot Club; Belgium)
CBAPCorporate Biodiversity Action Plan (Caravan Club; UK)
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CBAP is an innovation in credit delivery which employs a depository mode of credit delivery wherein special time deposits (STDs) are placed directly in partner cooperative banks, eliminating the need for a wholesaler and resulting in lower interest rates to small farmers and fisher folk.
Under the CBAP II Program, 13 cooperative banks were provided with loan funds.
CBAP was launched in 2011 as one of the credit facilities of the Agriculture and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP), which is one of the programs under the Agro-Industry Modernization Credit and Financing Program (AMCFP), the umbrella credit program of the DA for agriculture and fisheries.
Under CBAP II, loans will be extended to eligible cooperative banks that in turn will lend to small farmers and fisherfolk registered in the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA).
New CBAP preparatory sections include 300 questions.
Phase one of the study involved the assistance of five non-English speaking nurses who had completed a CBAP within the previous twelve months.
The purpose of the survey was to identify the study tools and materials that best helped students prepare for success on the CBAP exam or CCBA exam.
Through its public open-enrollment classes, virtual classes, private on-site training courses, mentoring, CBAP and PMP preparation products, and other related resources, Watermark Learning provides individuals and corporations with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.
Students who complete Writing Effective Business Use Cases receive credit toward IIBA's CBAP professional certification.
BAMentor, LLC - was established in November 2008 as an education provider by Linda Erzah, CBAP who has been running business analysis study groups in the Atlanta, GA area since September 2006.
The CBAP is an important landmark in the business analysis profession, setting a formal, non-vendor issued certification that did not previously exist and assisting both business analysis professionals and organizations in demonstrating the core competencies required by the profession.
The CBAP Workshop was offered August 3-5 and Business Analysis Fundamentals was offered August 3-5, both in Johannesburg.