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CBATCentral Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU)
CBATCommon Battlefield Airmen Training
CBATCommunity Based Acute Treatment
CBATColumn Based Analytical Technology
CBATComputer-Based Aid for Troubleshooting
CBATCapabilities-Based Assessment Team
CBATCognitive Behavioral Affective Therapy
CBATChemical/Biological Assistance Team
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Zoe King, project manager of the arts and regeneration agency, CBAT, which was involved in the initiative, said: ``We are delighted with both Peter Mountain and Melissa Gibbs' designs and are sure that both works will add interest to Cardiff Yacht Club, Lacuna and the nearby environment.
In years when there are no eligible comet discoverers, the Award shall be made instead to the amateur astronomer(s) judged by the CBAT to have made the greatest contribution toward promoting an interest in the study of comets.
Carole-Anne Davies, director of CBAT the Arts and Regeneration Agency, said:
Dover believes that while both of these Technologies businesses are affected by the electronics manufacturing market, the SEC business will experience less variability in sales and earnings than the CBAT business, which is more dependent on its customers' capital absorption capacity.
CBAT issued Electronic Telegram No 1535 on October 10 which reported that nothing was visible at the position of the object on Itagaki's survey image taken on June 12.
Commissioned by Taywood Homes through CBAT The Arts & Regeneration Agency, Howard Bowcott's sculpture consists of two five metre high 'sails' made of approximately 15,000 hand cut Welsh blue slates stacked on a timber frame.
The authority therefore re-appraised its expenditure for this year and was able to make savings in other areas to ensure a financial contribution to CBAT.
Favorable comparisons in the second half of 2000 will be harder to achieve, particularly for CBAT, whose 1999 second half profits were much higher than the first half.
Pre-tax profits for the CBAT companies rose $64 million for the year (70%) with fourth quarter profits more than triple the prior year.
CRBs were identified in CBAT sessions by an investigator who was not the therapist, which can be considered an important methodological possibility for investigating the process of therapy using these systems.
CBAT is a free database that can be used to identify the forestry biomass resources in a community required to expand local bioenergy and biochemical development.
Despite the Air Force's decision, we included in this report an analysis of CBAT to identify lessons learned applicable to ongoing and future Air Force efforts to establish new training programs.