CBBBCouncil of Better Business Bureaus (Arlington, VA)
CBBBCoalition to Ban Billboard Blight (Venice, CA)
CBBBCallaway Big Bertha Blue (golfing equipment)
CBBBCommunity British Brass Band
CBBBChristianity: Bogus Beyond Belief (website)
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The CBBB Web site provides information and assistance services, including business reliability reports, dispute resolution, consumer education, reviews of charitable organizations, and lists of online companies pledged to meet Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards.
The CBBB has an active trademark enforcement group that monitors misuse of the seal, as well as other BBB marks.
The Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (2006), a voluntary self-regulation program created by the CBBB and now including thirteen of the largest food and beverage companies, recently committed its member companies to the promotion of healthy dietary options and to incorporating healthy lifestyle messages into advergames aimed at children younger than age twelve.
In addition to internal review processes, the CBBB and DMA also offer a compliance mechanism through which consumers, businesses, or other stakeholders can report practices that may violate the Mobile Guidance or Self-Regulatory Principles http://www.
Additionally, redress sought by the consumer was classified by categories designated by the CBBB as follows: refund, exchange, refund or exchange, repair, delivery of merchandise or service, partial refund, or correction of billing.
In 2009, the Board of Directors expanded beyond its founding partners - 4As, American Advertising Federation (AAF), Association of National Advertisers, (ANA), and CBBB - to include the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
Written in Kiplinger's accessible style by contributing editor Kimberly Lankford (a military spouse), the January 2012 guide from IPT, IPI, CBBB and Kiplinger's focuses on the key issues that can help military families make informed investing decisions, protect their money and their families, and take charge of their financial lives.
As part of the third annual Protect Your Identity Week, Cintas partnered with the CBBB and NFCC to provide free shredding services for consumers at more than 175 identity theft protection events nationwide.
The CBBB Board of Directors voted earlier this month on the integration plan, which became effective today.
Identity theft is a serious problem and we are thrilled to team up with the CBBB and NFCC to create national awareness and provide our secure shredding services to consumers across the nation," said Karen Carnahan, President and COO, Cintas Document Management.
The 20 videos began appearing on CBBB and ClearPoint Web sites in February, 2009, where they have been viewed by thousands of consumers seeking budgeting, debt management or mortgage advice.