CBBLDCline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design
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To stay true to Mead's concepts, CBBLD came up with ways to integrate lighting into the architecture without adding visible fixtures.
CBBLD maintained the random quality of Mead's sketch by varying the size and shape of the custom luminaires (RSA Lighting), which are integrated into the formed fiberglass ceiling.
We also had to look at what it took for people to look and feel good in these spaces," says CBBLD principal Francesca Bettridge, who collaborated with senior associate Michael Hennes and associate Nira Wattanachote on the restaurant lighting.
Nira Wattanachote, DLF, Member IES (2000), is an associate and project designer at CBBLD.
Michael Hennes, LEED AP, Member IES (2008), is a senior associate and project director at CBBLD.