CBCICatholic Bishops Conference of India (est. 1944)
CBCICongressional Black Caucus Institute (Washington, DC)
CBCICanadian Breast Cancer Initiative
CBCICause Based Commerce Incorporated (telecommunications; Cincinnati, OH)
CbciIntrinsic Base-Collector Junction Capacitance
CBCICatholic Bishops' Council of India
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MAIL TODAY raised the issue with Joseph Chinnayyan, Deputy Secretary General, CBCI, asking him the risks involved in single people adopting children and whether their decision runs contrary to the non- judgemental stand taken by the Pope.
CBCI will continue to grow its management and brokerage operations in Alaska, which previously included Anchorage retail tenants Olive Garden Restaurants, PETCO, JC Penney, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.
The CBCI claimed that Hindu fundamentalists used intimidation and threats of "dire consequences" to induce Christians to return to Hinduism.
Previously, Benoit was Vice-President of Sales at CBCI Telecom Inc.
Before joining AVI-SPL, Aubry was the director of sales for CBCI Telecom, a leading partner for Cisco in Canada.
69) Statement of Catholic Bishops Conference of India on Unorganized Labour in India Today: On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum [dated May 15, 1991] (New Delhi: CBCI, 1991).
Johns Research Institute (SJRI) is a part of the St John's National Academy of Health Sciences, which is run by the CBCI Society for Medical Education.
The Catholic Bishops Conference of India ( CBCI) will convene a meeting of its standing committee on April 25 in Bangalore to frame the rules, said a source close to CBCI president Cardinal Oswald Gracias.
The CBCI, which controls over 25,000 schools across the country, submitted a memorandum to Sibal seeking amendments in the Act.
Becoming an Authorized DMS Partner enhances CBCI Telecom's portfolio of visual solutions focused on improving business connections
Carbon Five, Carnes Media, CBCI, Centera Systems, Chariot Solutions, dospuntocero, East Agile, EdgeCase LLC, eLabs, Envy Labs, Gradient Blue, Grubb Young & Co.