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CBCLChild Behavior Checklist (psychology)
CBCLCutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma
CBCLCenter for Biological and Computational Learning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
CBCLCanadian Bonded Credits Limited (Toronto, Ontario)
CBCLCommon Business Communication Language (business technology)
CBCLCommercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
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Henzburg et al in his study found an association between presence of anterior temporal lobe epileptic spikes and increased aggression score on the CBCL.
2016) Estudio Diseno Medidas Chan (2014) Estudio 1: prueba ADIS-IV-C-P; CGAS; piloto, ensayo CGI; PSWQ-C; CBCL clinico abierto MASC; MCQ-C; CAMM (n = 4, tratamiento inmediato) Estudio 2: ensayo controlado y aleatorio, grupo experimental (n = 6, tratamiento inmediato (TI)) vs.
Interestingly, PTSS was not correlated with caregiver's ratings of anxiety, depression or somatic symptoms on the CBCL.
Posteriormente, se procedio a estudiar las posibles diferencias entre los grupos en las puntuaciones T de los factores y escalas del CBCL incluyendo las escalas orientadas al DSM.
Parents' responses at the CBCL were scored by the examiner and converted into T-scores and percentiles with the software Assessment Data Manager--ADM 8.
Para investigacao dos problemas de comportamento e competencia social, foi utilizado o instrumento "Child Behavior Checklist for ages 6-18" [22], versao brasileira em forma de questionario para os pais [23] O CBCL e composto por 138 itens: 118 relacionados a avaliacao de problemas de comportamento e 20 destinados a avaliacao da competencia social da crianca ou do adolescente.
CBCL child behavior checklist: dimostrazione e presentazione di dati clinici [CBCL child behavior checklist].
One child was chosen at random to which the CBCL and the Child Witness to Abuse Questions were completed.
A recent study conducted in 13 societies using the CBCL and TRF showed very similiar cross-informant agreement for item ratings (Rescorla et al.
2000) for Children (ADIS-C); Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI)--Neuroticism scale Beidel et ADIS; SPAI-C; CBCL al.
The CBCL measures parents' reports of children's behavioral and emotional problems based on children's social relationships, activities, and school performance.