CBCPSConductor-Backed Co-Planar Strip
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The completion of a CBCPS, therefore, is likely to lead to other career-exploratory behaviors, as well as contributing to persistence in career decision-making activities when such tasks may not be as rewarding or as easy to complete as an individual might have initially expected.
1988), and no studies to date have evaluated the effectiveness of CBCPSs in enhancing clients' career decision-making attributional style.
Furthermore, by successfully completing several of the self-assessment activities included in many of the most popular CBCPSs (e.
We do not conclude from the findings in our study that individual career counseling is neither a beneficial nor a necessary adjunct treatment to DISCOVER; however, the way that individual career counseling is offered in conjunction with CBCPSs may warrant further inquiry.
Therefore, the resulting total capacitance per unit length C of the CBCPS is
Figure 9 shows the characteristic impedance for the CBCPS for [[varepsilon].
The existance of these unwanted modes in CBCPS can be rigorously justified with full-wave methods [15] and is still under investigation.
A top-shielded CBCPS also has been studied, and analysis formulas have been given for this transmission line configuration.