CBCRCarolina Border Collie Rescue (Franklin, NC)
CBCRChannel Byte Count Register
CBCRCresci Bene Che Ripasso
CBCRChange Board Commitment Record
CBCRCable Beach Club Resort (Australia)
CBCRCresci Bene Che Ritorno
CBCRCentral Bank of Costa Rica
CBCRCenter for Boxxy Control and Restriction
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Some specimens of Satrapanus grayi were collected by staff from the Australian Museum's Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Research, abbreviated to CBCR.
Hutton (AM KS96527); 1 d, 4 Y, 1 tritonymph, 2 deutonymphs, 16 protonymphs, eastern end of Boat Harbour beach, LHIS032L, 31[degrees]33'37"S, 159[degrees]05'53"E, 3 December 2000, leaf litter, CBCR (WAM T75452); 1 [?
They prayed the court to restrain CBCR from demolishing the homes and evacuating them there from.