CBCTCone Beam Computed Tomography
CBCTCatholic Bishops' Conference of Thailand
CBCTCore Balance Current Transformer (electrical engineering)
CBCTCognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy
CBCTCord Blood Cell Transplantation (stem cell research)
CBCTComputer-Based Communication Technology
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The advent of the three dimensional CBCT imaging system has provided the clinician a powerful tool to facilitate interactive image manipulation and enhancement, thus significantly increasing the amount of information gleaned from a volume.
Danaher Corporation is expected to be the utmost dominating company in the global market, owing to the company's flagship product range of advanced CBCT equipment.
In this paper, an effective segmentation approach based on deformable surface model is proposed which is able to conduct the segmentation and reconstruction process simultaneously while working on 3D CBCT volume data directly instead of individual slices.
En esta investigacion, la validez de esta hipotesis se evaluo mediante un estudio descriptivo que empleo imagenes de CBCT que incluyen primeros molares superiores, para determinar la posible relacion entre la distancia interorificio MV1-MV2 con la configuracion apical en la raiz MV.
CBCT acquisition of specimens was conducted using Kodak 9000c 3-D system.
We are focused on applying CBCT technology for extremity imaging because it offers excellent visualization of soft tissue and bone with systems that are smaller and more affordable than CT systems, said Diana L.
In the first stage of segmentation, the jaw bone was separated from soft tissue based on threshold of HU on CBCT data.
CBCT images of good quality, with field of view in which the mandibular second molars could be seen adequately.
Additionally, CBCT technology aids in the diagnosis of endodontic and nonendodontic pathosis, assessing vertical root fractures, analysis of root resorption defects, and presurgical assessment of apicoectomy procedures [19, 20].
The installation ceremony of the CBCT in the Faculty of Dental Sciences was held on the 27th of November 2013 under the patronage of Professor UB Dissanayake, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Sciences and Professor WM Tilakaratne, Director of the Centre for Research in Oral Cancer, University of Peradeniya.
En el transcurso de la decada pasada se desarrollo una nueva tecnica llamada tomografia computarizada en Cone-Beam CBCT, con base en la existencia de la tomografia que aumento la colimacion y eso produjo una mayor nitidez por eliminacion de radiacion secundaria, ademas la dosis de radiacion producida por la CBCT es menor que la dada por la panoramica y lateral de craneo juntas (36,40).
As a 'going home message', this aspect ranks in importance with the fact that CBCT gives information comparable to conventional CT at a fraction of the radiation exposure, something especially important in the paediatric patient group.