CBCTCone Beam Computed Tomography
CBCTCatholic Bishops' Conference of Thailand
CBCTCore Balance Current Transformer (electrical engineering)
CBCTCognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy
CBCTCord Blood Cell Transplantation (stem cell research)
CBCTComputer-Based Communication Technology
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We are focused on applying CBCT technology for extremity imaging because it offers excellent visualization of soft tissue and bone with systems that are smaller and more affordable than CT systems, said Diana L.
As a 'going home message', this aspect ranks in importance with the fact that CBCT gives information comparable to conventional CT at a fraction of the radiation exposure, something especially important in the paediatric patient group.
While CBCT includes these mindfulness elements, the practice focuses more specifically on training people to analyze and reinterpret their relationships with others.
In case 4 use of CBCT also assisted in the diagnosis of the dilacerated incisor and abandonment of futile orthodontic treatment in favour of auto-transplantation.
Researchers claim that children in foster care often need CBCT training because many of them have experienced major trauma such as sexual abuse, parental neglect, family violence, homelessness and exposure to drugs.
The workshop at Dentistry 2010 will discuss the main characteristics of CBCT including examples of applications in dentistry.
In case 2, CBCT image of Patient's mandible was imported into Mimics version 10.
With its increasing accessibility, CBCT is emerging as the imaging standard of care for diagnostic assessments of the bony components of the face, according to the Web site developers.
Based on the small business loan data reported by Citizens, the overall volume of small business loans provided by all the Citizens banks increased from 1999 to 2000, except for CBCT.
Following dose computation on the planning CT, it was a logical next step to compute dose onto the daily CBCT image sets.
After a thermoplastic mask is custom-fitted to the patient's head, an initial CBCT is performed to obtain a reference image, which is then fused with an MRI image to enable the clinician to develop the plan.
As a component of IBA's Image Guided Proton Therapy (IGPT) solution, CBCT provides 3D imaging for increased accuracy in patient treatment.