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CBDCCommunity Business Development Corporation
CBDCCommunity Biodiversity Development and Conservation Programme (global initiative)
CBDCCape Breton Development Corporation
CBDCCardiff Bay Development Corporation (est. 1987; UK)
CBDCChemical and Biological Defense Command (Syphon Filter game)
CBDCCarbondale Business Development Corporation
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Other merits of CBDC they mentioned included "its security as a store of value and its stability as a unit of account for economic and financial transactions.
Our recent work attempts to formulate a set of design principles, rather than a technical blueprint, for CBDC (Bordo and Levin 2017).
Arriving in the 21st century, Mr Sutton highlights the winding up of the CBDC in 2000, being merged into the Welsh Development Agency which itself was brought into the civil service later in the decade.
2] [gr/km] CNG CNG Diesel [lambda] = 1 [lambda] > 1 On board (city 1633 1475 1634 exploitation) CBDC 1301 1386 1580 DUDBC 1435 1527 1602 DE LIJN 1252 1322 1445 On board (suburban.
The CBDC rents space to companies at below-market rates.
The scope includes existing RRE and CBDC modification and works related to utilities.
While CBDC might have its critics when it came the development of the former dock areas of Cardiff, it powers and budget ensured there was no conflicting messages when promoting what turned out to be hugely successful regeneration of Cardiff Bay.
The CBDC units will be located in the refining complex in Ruwais, west of Abu Dhabi, with a capacity of 40,000 tons of carbon black per year and 30,000 barrels of crude oil a day.
The company worked with CBDC to develop a plan that allowed us to maintain our coal supply and re-build our inventory.
A CBDC spokesman said today's notices to companies was to gether information to assist in their relocation.
As a result Nova Scotia Power has informed CBDC that it is providing two years notice of termination of the current contract.