CBDPCALFED (Collaboration among State and Federal Agencies to Improve California’s Water Supply) Bay Delta Program
CBDPChemical Biological Defense Program
CBDPCommon Bile Duct Pressure
CBDPCollege Bound District Program
CBDPCommunity Based Disaster Preparedness (India)
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If DOD CBDP is taxed to provide for these new mission areas without additional funding, the armed force's passive-defense capability will suffer.
The DOD CBDP may be the appropriate vehicle for funding all these new requirements, but it is not prepared to execute the effort even if the required funding came tomorrow.
While Public Law 103-160 and the Joint service agreement on NBC defense management created a new and stronger DOD CBDP, it unintentionally decreased the Army's leadership role.
Too many unanswered policy questions and responsibilities exist in DOD CBDP for the DOD executive agent to ignore.
The Foundation began the CBDP in 2005 with a $25 million grant to the Louisville, Kentucky school district.
KGS has partnered with CBDP for over five years and provides the full spectrum of financial management, accounting, and technology solutions to CBDP, the DoD, and Intelligence and Civilian Federal agencies.