CBDRMCommunity Based Disaster Risk Management
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A[cedilla] To raise awareness of the growing importance of CBDRM.
A[cedilla] To identify gaps/capacity building needs among the economies with regard to CBDRM
A[cedilla] To develop a long term action plan for EPWG s consideration and building a network among experts supporting CBDRM
Themes, cross-cutting and standing alone (DRR, community strengthening, LRRD, CBDRM, building back better )
Output 1 Enhanced national and sub-national institutional capacities of Central and Provincial Committees for Flood and Storm Control (CCFSC) members and main stakeholders to consolidate the disaster risk reduction (DRR) legislative, policy and strategic framework Output 2 Improved capacity of the DMC and CFSC members to effectively and efficiently plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the CBDRM programme, ensuring gender sensitivity and participation of vulnerable groups (e.