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CBEDConvergent-Beam Electron Diffraction
CBEDCommunity-Based Economic Development
CBEDCenter for Business and Economic Development
CBEDCoastal Benthic Exchange Dynamics
CBEDConcentration Buffer Exchange and Desalting
CBEDCommunity Based Entrepreneurial Development
CBEDChambre Belge des Entrepreneurs de Déménagement (French: Belgian Chamber of Moving Contractors; Belgium)
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The concentration of lysine in the FMD was lowest, while CBED had higher lysine, leucine and methionine concentrations than the other diets.
For the past three years we have had the honor of supporting BioWatch, now an integral component of the CBED program.
The ProteoSpin product line includes three micro kits for processing samples up to 50(micro)g of protein - the CBED (concentration, buffer exchange and desalting) Micro Kit, the Detergent Clean-up Micro Kit and the Inclusion Body Isolation Micro Kit.