CBEECalifornia Business for Education Excellence
CBEECalifornia Board for Energy Efficiency
CBEECommunity Based Environmental Education
CBEEChina Beijing Equity Exchange
CBEEChina Britain Education Exchange (est. 2004; UK)
CBEECenter for Bilingual and ESL (English as a Second Language) Education (University of Texas at Arlington)
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CBEE, as a dimensional nonconventional processing method, is based on complex, discontinuous, local erosive effects of certain impulse electrical discharges, induced between two electrodes (transfer object TO and processed object--PO), the former one being a wheel-shaped or a metallic strip, the erosive agent, and the latter the eroded object.
In CBEE the energy is transmitted through the PO, discontinuously as electrical impulses developed mechanically in the restricted space 8ml between the electrode TO, the working environment WE and the processed part PO.
CBEE reviewed the data released by the CA Department of Education yesterday (embargoed until today) and identified 2,509 schools which had LOWER base API scores for the 2006/2007 year than they did in the 2005/2006 year.
CBEE reviewed the API scores of schools for the 2005/2006 year (2006/2007 data not yet available) and found that:
In its short history, CBEE has become an important player in education policy in Sacramento," said Bill Hauck, President of the California Business Roundtable and CBEE Chairman.
CONTACT: Rowena Itchon, PRI, +1-415-955-6123, work, or +1-415-680-8215, cell, or Kathy Fairbanks, CBEE, +1-916-443-0872, or work, +1-916-813-1010, cell
CBEE Foundation/JFTK-CA Scholar Schools (204 schools) are schools that are showing significant academic achievement gains, but do not have a significant socio-economically disadvantaged student population.
First, to underscore how minimal the "growth" targets really are, an analysis by CBEE partner Just for the Kids-California found that of those 719 schools, 188 or 26% of them had growth targets of 5 points or less.
To help the media report the STAR Test Results, CBEE and its affiliate, Just for the Kids-California, have compiled five years of state California Standards Test data in an easy-to-read and downloadable format.
CBEE's priorities and my priorities are 100% in unison and I'm proud to serve on the CBEE Foundation Board," said Johnson.
The CBEE Foundation is honoring 74 schools with its CBEE/JFTK-CA Star Award.
The CBEE Award is significant because it analyzes only hard data -- student test scores from the California Standards Test and the California State University Early Assessment Program (EAP) test -- to award schools and students with academic achievement prizes.