CBEFFCommon Biometric Exchange File Format
CBEFFCommon Biometric Exchange Formats Framework
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CBEFF is described in detail in NISTIR 6529, Common Biometric Exchange File Format (CBEFF).
The executive director of IBIA said, "The CBEFF initiative is a milestone for the biometric industry.
The teleconference will discuss the rationale behind current biometric standards development, outline the different approaches that organizations are taking, and give an overview and analysis of relevant biometric standards initiatives such as SC37, M1, BioAPI, CBEFF, X9.
CBEFF also promotes interoperability of biometric-based application programs and systems and is a candidate for approval as an American National Standard.
The exact values specified in CBEFF binary encodings will be used in XCBF XML representations.
Through the INCITS M1 Biometrics Committee, NIST strongly supports the rapid development and approval of open systems national and international biometric interoperability and data interchange standards, such as BioAPI and CBEFF spearheaded by NIST.
The BioAPI, X9F4, and CBEFF groups have agreed on a common standard format for biometric data records.