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CBEMAComputer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
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Another standard way to determine acceptable power quality is to use the ITI CBEMA Curve (see Figure 3).
Additionally, this new UPS family incorporates Deltec's exclusive Buck and Double Boost Voltage regulation that regulates the lowest possible input voltage into compliance with the stringent CBEMA (Computer Business Equipment Manufacturers Association) standard.
buys into an S&T Agreement that does not provide copyright protection for software, a dangerous precedent is set," says CBEMA President John L.
These figures, which are based on data compiled by the Department of Commerce, signal a boom and come as a surprise, according to CBEMA President John L.
Send comments (with copy to BSR) to: CBEMA, Attn: Catherine A.
3 percent due to the addition of 47,400 workers in the computer and data processing services sector, according to CBEMA.
2 percent in 1987, according to a study by CBEMA and the Center for Economic Analysis, in Stamford, Conn.