CBERACaribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act
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In the other two instances, the United States proceeded to put its requests for the Automotive and CBERA Waivers to a vote by the CONTRACTING PARTIES who adopted waiver decisions.
These market conditions virtually shut off the supply of hydrous ethanol from Brazil that is used as a feedstock by CBERA dehydrators," ITC said in its report, adding that there currently are no economically viable alternative ethanol sources for CBERA refiners.
The Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act of 2000 provided CBI countries trade benefits similar to Mexico's under NAFTA, extending duty-free and quota-free treatment for certain textile and apparel goods and other products previously excluded from the CBERA legislation.
That is, countries had to satisfy the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 212 of CBERA.
The original CBERA legislation was passed in 1983, with benefits starting as of January 1984.
Currently, most of the export-oriented investment in the CBI is focused on those products eligible for preferential duty treatment under CBERA, yet much of the new investment within the Caribbean is that of goods protected by other US trade provisions[1].
19) Because Haiti's economic fortunes continued to deteriorate, Congress provided uniquely generous and flexible unilateral preferences to Haiti's apparel sector by amending CBERA to include the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act of 2006 (HOPE I).
FDI flows to Latin American and Caribbean beneficiaries of CBERA and CBTPA remained relatively stable during the period.
requests for renewals of expired or expiring waivers for the CBERA and
March 2009, reflecting legislative amendments to the CBERA and ATPA
Congress has made the CBERA program permanent and has authorized through September 30, 2020, the expanded tariff benefits contained in the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act and subsequent legislation particular to Haiti.
The United States submitted a waiver request for AGOA, as well as requests for renewals of expired or expiring waivers for the CBERA and ATPA programs, in February 2005.