CBERSChina-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
CBERSCommunity Based Emergency Relief Services (Population and Community Development Association; Thailand)
CBERSChemical Biological Event Reporting System
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In complex systems, such as CBERS, many diverse functions are performed just after the final integration, and, therein, combination phenomena are inevitable.
CBERS 3 & 4--Second generation of the Earth observation satellite
Brazilian participation increased from 30 to 50% for the second generation of CBERS satellites, following the subsystems division of labor presented, in Table 3 below.
For CBERS 3 & 4(1), the knowledge generated by iterative learning was embodied into the design engineering of this subsystem.
For CBERS 3 & 4, the participation of the Brazilian network of suppliers is 52% of the total resources used by the country.
CBERS 5 & 6--Third generation of the Earth observation satellite
Participation of the Brazilian supplier network represents a great deal of the resources used by the country due to the maturity of CBERS architecture.
This learning derived from a specific R&D effort represented significant improvement for the CBERS 2 performance.
At the launch of the CBERS 2, the element that was resonant with the IRMSS camera vibration was removed, although the engineering design of the subsystem had not been changed.
Following this rationale, the new agreement of technological cooperation, for the development of CBERS 5 & 6, will use the purchasing power of government as an effective tool of industrial policy, with a growing participation of the Brazilian supplier network, due to the higher level of architecture maturity achieved by CBERS platform, which has been defining an innovation path in space industry.
In the case of CBERS these capabilities have been allowing a progressive better position of INPE in the space industry value stream.
Criagao e exercicio de capacitagdes em integragao de sistemas explorando interagdes entre formas de aprendizagem tecnologica: o caso do programa CBERS (Tese de doutorado).