CBFACommissie Voor Het Bank-, Financie- en Assurantiewezen (Belgium's Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission)
CBFACommunity Based First Aid
CBFAChristian Business Faculty Association
CBFACore-Binding Factor Alpha
CBFAChildren and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa
CBFAChesapeake Bay Flag Association (Columbia, MD)
CBFACalgary Bantam Football Association (Canada)
CBFACore-Binding Factor, Runt Domain
CBFACommission Bancaire et Financière et des Assurances (French: Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission; Belgium)
CBFACorp Brand Foods of America
CBFACanadian Business Forms Association (now Business Documents and Systems Association)
CBFACan't Be Freakin Arsed (polite form)
CBFACertified Bank Forensic Accounting (India)
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The CBFA, signed in May 2010 by FPAC and its 21 member companies and by nine leading Canadian environmental organizations, including the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and ForestEthics, now applies to more than 187 million acres of public forests licensed to FPAC member companies across Canada.
ADPnews) - Jan 8, 2010 - Luc Tack, CEO and big shareholder in Belgian weaving machines maker Picanol NV (EBR:PIC), has bought an additional block of shares in the company, according to a filing with Belgian market watchdog CBFA, published yesterday.
Resolute remains committed to the principles underlying the CBFA and will continue to operate in a manner consistent with a balanced approach to sustainability.
CTIF-CFI also acts as the supervisory body for professions not supervised by CBFA or other authorities.
ICBC will open a branch in Brussels within weeks' as long as it gets the approval from Belgium's Finance and Insurance Commission, the CBFA, according to a joint statement issued after a meeting between Leterme and Jiang Jianqing, the Chinese bank's chairman.
CBFA also emphasizes preventive health care and environmental hygiene which leads to a healthier life style.
With the exception of the CBFA, no governmental or other authority in any other jurisdiction has approved the prospectus, the tender offer or the squeeze-out.
The opening of the branch has still to be approved by Belgium's financial market regulator CBFA.
In addition, there is a complementary fit among CBFA product lines, distribution channels and those of our existing businesses.
1) Results for CBFA are included in the Foodbrands America segment.