CBFCCentral Board of Film Certification
CBFCCentral Board of Film Censors (Pakistan)
CBFCCopper and Brass Fabricators Council
CBFCColwyn Bay Football Club (Wales)
CBFCCaprock Business Finance Corporation (est. 1981; Lubbock, TX)
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However, CAG noted that even though no revision of decisions was sought, the two films landed up on the desk of Vijaya Chawak, secretary to the CBFC chairperson.
CBFC recognizes this problem and has developed solutions like the CMCD to assist community banks in funding needs to allow them to compete effectively in the financial services markets.
However, she admits that being the chief of CBFC came with its set of challenges.
Alluding to the allegation made by Krishnan before the Madras High Court while opposing the "UA" certificate granted to the film aACAyVishwaroopam', the CBFC said in a statement issued here on Sunday: "The Central Board of Film Certification would like to put it on record for all concerned that every action taken/procedure followed by CBFC for certifying Vishwaroopam or any other film has been done in accordance with the Act and Rules framed by the Parliament.
One way of maintaining it is to strengthen the dialogue between the film industry and the CBFC.
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I &B) had appealed the CBFC to ask the film producers to display a 20-second static anti-smoking message in all the smoking scenes with voice-over of the actor who is seen smoking in the film.
The review committee of the tribunal, which has the power to overrule the CBFC, will watch the film and discuss it with Mukhopadhyay and producer Pawan Kanodia in Delhi on March 4.
Many Wrexham fans opted to watch the game from the comfort of the CBFC social club, and the refreshments on sale at the nearby food hut were top-notch, to say the least.
Quom De Heere , which projected Indira Gandhi's assassins as the heroes of the community, could not get a CBFC clearance , the report said.
Samson had resigned after learning that the Tribunal had cleared the movie for release even though the CBFC had withheld it.
Tewari said that the Justice Mudgal Committee constituted to review the mandate and functioning of CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) and to recommend measures including statutory changes to enable CBFC to deal with contemporary requirements of certification and increased transparency / efficiency was expected to submit its recommendations shortly.
The court adjourned the case to hear from the ministry of information and broadcasting, the CBFC and local government.