CBFICommunity-Based Financial Institution (various locations)
CBFiCerebral Blood Flow Index
CBFICore Bolt and Frame Insulation
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4 billion (approximately US$110 million) in gross proceeds and increasing the number of total outstanding CBFIs to 567,166,126.
Proceeds from issue of CBFIs, net of capital raising costs
19, 2014, to CBFI holders with an ex-dividend date of Nov.
Andre El-Mann, CEO of Fibra Uno commented: "I am delighted to announce that Fibra Uno has successfully carried out its second equity offering, thus raising resources to continue to offer attractive returns to our CBFI holders based on our growth and value creation model.
Fibra Uno seeks to grow and enhance its portfolio of properties, offer attractive returns and create value to its CBFI holders, as well as contribute to the development of the real estate sector.
Our objective is to offer attractive returns to the holders of our CBFIs through stable cash distributions and the appreciation of our real estate.
We are pleased to share the returns corresponding to our fourth quarter with CBFI holders," said Andre El-Mann, CEO of Fibra Uno.
Under Mexican law, Fibra Uno must pay out at least 95% of its annual net taxable income to CBFI holders at least once a year.
These 23 high-quality properties will help us deliver value to our CBFI holders.
Fibra Uno agreed to issue up to 57,545,454, CBFIs to MexFund in exchange for the properties, subject to conditions precedent, assuming a capitalization rate of 10.
These funds will help us grow and continue to deliver value for our CBFI holders.
As a result of the offering, Fibra Inn's CBFIs began trading TODAY on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "FINN13.