CBFPCongo Basin Forest Partnership
CBFPClinic-Based Family Planning
CBFPChronic Biologically False Positive
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A commonality between COMIFAC and CBFP is that both appear to
which COMIFAC and CBFP can contribute to the goal of sustainable
Sustainable Development,' of which the CBFP belongs, represents a
the CBFP is more akin to an 'organ' of governance that is
Partnerships such as CBFP can be affected by unconstructive
Returning to the Congo Basin context, CBFP and COMIFAC certainly
on the extent to which the formal structures of the CBFP and COMIFAC can
the CBFP at the World Summit on Sustainable Development,
which CBFP and COMIFAC can contribute to achieving the stated
COMIFAC and the networks of CBFP simply become a means to enforcing a
danger facing the CBFP is the possibility of domination by interests