CBGACeramic Ball Grid Array
CBGACarpathian Balkan Geological Association (formerly Carpathian Geological Association)
CBGACentre for Budget and Governance Accountability (India)
CBGACoastal Bend Guides Association (Aransas Pass, TX)
CBGACentral Banks Gold Agreement
CBGACascade Boer Goat Association
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In conventional GAs the two offspring can be part of the individuals in the next generation; however, in the CBGA one offspring is randomly selected as candidate to substitute an individual of the current population.
For CBGA, this project will help enhance its research quality, organizational performance, and policy engagement.
Figure 3 shows the results of a study on several types of BGAs (a large ceramic column grid array, PBGAs, a medium-sized CBGA and [U]BGAs) in an exploratory dispense test of a candidate underfill formulation.
This paper presents the SnPb and Pb-free rework development processes developed on these boards, highlighting and analyzing areas of concern caused by reflow issues for adjacent CBGA parts during [mu]BGA rework, and reduced hole-fill during mini-pot rework activities on DIP16 components.
The TSOP48, CSP169, CSP208, PBGA256 and CBGA 256 components were evaluated before and after reflow using acoustic microscopy to determine and compare any internal component damage.
The solution required: 1) electrically isolated CBGA pads; 2) alternative paths for the electrical signals associated with the ball sites; 3) the utilization of standard surface-mount processes and equipment; and 4) that all reliability and performance specifications associated with the product be satisfied.
Sampling today, the VSC3004 and VSC3008 quad and octal signal, 11 Gbps asynchronous switches come in a 69-pin, CBGA package and consume 1W and 2W, respectively.
Both products have multiple purposes such as fan-out, loop-back, and protection switching; and both come in small 8x8mm, 69-pin CBGA packages with 500ps latency, for minimal impact when board space and timing budgets are limited.
A previous unpublished evaluation of a CBGA with a depopulated center array found that depopulating the center degraded the thermal fatigue life.
Production volumes of the 128 Mbit device are available now in 44Ball 8mm x 12mm CBGA or a 40-pin TSOP type-1.